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What is Team ETNL?

The team portion of ETNL is a community built around gamers, creative streamers, creative content makers (YouTubers, Instagramers etc.) and streamers.

The community is situated within Discord and navigate through the #ETNL #ETNLArmy hashtags on Twitter. Our goal is to support small streamers/support small content makers.

If you are a content provider or a supporter of content providers who would like a community of like minded Gamers then Team ETNL is for you.

What are the Team ETNL rules?

To ensure the right message is being sent out by our members the team has set out rules that must be followed:

1. In your Twitter/Twitch/Youtube/Mixer/Persicope/Instagram/Tumblr or which ever social/media outlet you are using the hashtag #ETNLArmy must be in the bio

2. Do not spam the discord channel or other people's tweets/streams, any sort of spam will result in a ban!

3. If you need to contact someone within ETNL regarding any problems or issues then contact any member who is under the discord heading ETNL, ETNL Army, ETNL Wolfpac or ETNL Kliq. Members under these headings are either admins or moderators who will happily help you. If you cannot contact them via Discord or feel uncomfortable contacting them via Discord then feel free to add them on Twitter and contact them via Twitter.

If it is regarding other members or something that has happened please provide examples (screenshots etc.) to support your case so we can investigate the matter in hand further.

Never feel alone and never take matters into your own hands, if a problem relates to spam/a person, ban those people/culperate, do not become a victim and rise above the hate.

4. Support each other, supporting can be something simple from a retweet to a reply of a tweet or a follow on Twitch/Twitter etc.

What do I do once I've joined the team?

Everything we do is a team effort, the foundations of the team is you and the community.

The community will only grow if we all work together, we can achieve this by:

1. Using the Hashtag #ETNL or #ETNLArmy in your twitter tweets

2. Joining the ETNL Twitch or ETNL Mixer Community page

3. Subscribing to the ETNL Youtube page

4. Interacting with other members tweets or streams (even if you watch for 5 minutes minimum) posted on the #ETNL or #ETNLArmy hashtag

5. Interacting and not spamming the ETNL discord

6. Encourage any friends or family who would like to join the team to join

What benefits does Discord give me?

Discord is a hot platform for users to chat to each other either via text or through voice. Discord offers an application for your PC or Phone where both the text chat functions and voice chat functions can be actioned.

By joining our Discord the benefits offered to you are as follows:

1. Be introduced to a new world of users who are gamers like you & me

2. If you are a YouTuber or love to watch YouTube videos come and discover a new variety of content posted by users of the room. Who knows you may find the next big thing

3. If you are a streamer you can join our Auto Bot which is exclusive to only our Discord members or if you enjoy watching streams the room will be notified when a streamer on our Auto Bot list goes Live. Discover new streamers or support those streamers you love to watch by the power of our Discord channel

4. If you enjoy Anime or love to interact with others, we have many rooms to fit your needs.

5. Our Discord channel allows you to find information about local gaming events, events we will be attending and view pictures we have taken from the events we have attended

6. The real question is why wouldn't you join>?

How do I join Team ETNL?

Are you still reading this?

Wow your dedicated which means we want you!

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