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Team Eternal HD has been around since 2007, we were a savy bunch of gamers from Gamestation who got together after each shift and played games like Gears of War & WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2007 on our Xbox 360's online.

The name Eternal HD or ETNL for short was used in tag team battles, team death matches and any place/game that offered a team mode or where multiplayer was available.

Each night team Eternal would play online against a group of friends or matchmaking, these sessions would involve one upping each other with jokes and attempting to out wit each other because we were a savage competitive bunch.

The years have passed since those days and many of us ex Gamestation staff members have moved on or left gaming behind us (to become parents, congratulations gang!). To this day 2 of those members remain EternalStephHD & EternalNavHD.

To tradition the ETNL team members spend every Friday night streaming a team stream to relive those classic moments from previous years. These streams can be viewed on Periscope & Twitch.Tv from 9pm GMT.

Streaming isn't the only thing EternalNavHD & EternalStephHD do! They both Vlog and conduct interviews.

If you would like to view EternalNavHD content click here & to view EternalStephHD content click here



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Read Bio


Hello there! My name is Nav! People know me as EternalNavHD! I am a vlogger and streamer from ETNL. This world is full of gamers who stream like myself. For some people, streamers are entertainers, others see them as competition. Myself, I see streaming as the ability to connect with gamers and fans alike. I enjoy meeting and chatting to new and existing viewers to get a better idea of what they enjoy playing and watching, so that I can tailor what I stream through all of the media outlets I use, such as: YouTube, Twitch, Mixer and even Periscope. This enables me to achieve a wider scope through the viewers choice of platform.

My gaming career started off with the NES, which then moved onto the Mega Drive and eventually I became an Xbox fan boy. I mainly stream games such as: Halo 5: Guardians, Fifa 17 and Gears Of War 4 but I am always looking for new and interesting releases to implement into my weekly schedules that I feel my viewers would enjoy. I always try and keep the excitement of my gaming on a high as often as I can so that the viewers can enjoy these games with me.

In-between work and streaming my game time, I have converted my garage into a gaming room. My adventure of this can be found on: Games Room. I use the gaming room whenever I stream and I also use it to interview any local talent who I know, or have come to know, through streaming. An example of this would be Blue Nation痴 Neil Murdoch. Blue Nation are a Birmingham band that EternalNavHD & EternalStephHD frequently go and see in concert.

Feel free to watch any of my streams on any of these platforms or switch to YouTube for my vlogs starring my ETNL team mate EternalStephHD at anytime.

Check out EternalNavHD on Twitch | Periscope | Youtube


When I知 not out capturing Pok駑on, I知 out with my other love, my Chihuahua, Harvey.

Hi I知 Steph, I知 a Vlogger & variety Streamer from team ETNL. ETNL is a 2 man team with my long time friend EternalNavHD. We致e known each other for over 11 years, from when we used to work at Game station. We have a team stream every Friday night from 9pm and have our own streams throughout the week. I知 currently streaming Outlast, which really gets your heart racing. I love streaming horror games as people get to see my reaction when I知 scared! I致e just started playing Alien Isolation which I知 really enjoying.

My all time favorite game and series is Tomb Raider; if I could be her, I would! Lara Croft was my idol growing up and was the game that got me hooked to gaming. I used to sit and play after school, then after I went to bed I could hear my parents playing it till silly a clock in the morning. Another favorite is Pokemon, if I知 not console gaming I知 on my Nintendo DS playing Pokemon.

We vlog all the events so if you see me, come and say Hi!, you could even be in our Vlog!

We always vlog our events but we also like to go non gaming events and vlog those too, like I go to Classic Ford shows every year and vlog that for my channel. I like to vlog a variety of things.

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